Nursery Reveal

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all have been doing well!  I know I have been absent and I apologize! Between baby showers, work, being pregnant, nesting, etc… I have been busy!  I am planning on picking my blog up after I get settled into being a mom.  My guess date is about 5 weeks away, so please keep me in your prayers!  As a little “good-bye” before I return, I thought I would reveal our nursery!  This is officially our favorite room in our home.  😉

Before you look ahead, thank you to everyone who has blessed us with items for Lucas.  My parents and in-laws have made this nursery possible! Nathan and I love you all and so happy Lucas has you all as grandparents.  Thank you!!!

Okay for the reveal…





We found the Lucas decal on Amazon.  We LOVE the mobile my parents surprised us with from Etsy.

JUST ADORABLE!! All the way from Australia!!  

My mom made the UK quilt for Lucas and it could not look better in our nursery!  It was such a sweet surprise and I will cherish wrapping up Lucas as long as he’ll allow me. 🙂

This sweet quilt was made by Nathan’s sweet relative.  It has a special place in our heart. It will also be a joy to wrap him up in this one. 🙂

Love all these good finds!

Our dresser, changing table, that awesome mirror, and even the Zany Zoo are all second-hand finds!

Secret storage that can’t be seen when you open the door to the room!
More storage!


A fun, mini set of corn hole for Lucas to learn (attached by velcro)
The best chair ever (from our generous in-laws) in our cozy reading corner
Lucas has a comfy chair too for when he gets bigger 🙂
A sweet, personalized coin bank from my aunt and uncle. 🙂


I hope you all love the reveal! We are beyond thrilled with it and so looking forward to bringing home Lucas.  Comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions!





3 Replies to “Nursery Reveal”

  1. I love Lucas’s new room! It is beautiful and perfect. All the storage ideas are fabulous!

    Your love for him is already so evident! He’s a very fortunate little baby! I’m looking forward to meeting him!

  2. You have done a beautiful job decorating Lucas’s room. Bravo! His room absolutely perfect. You have thought of everything. I love how you have created so much storage.

    Can’t wait to meet Lucas!

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