My Favorite Way To Organize Jewelry

Happy Monday!

Boy am I excited to be back posting. I LOVE to organize and this blog gives me an extra excuse to get something tidy (Nathan would say I don’t need another excuse)!

Today I want to share with you my favorite way to organize jewelry. Yes, not everyone has room for another piece of furniture, the funds to buy one, or the desire but if you can make some space and spare some cash, I highly recommend a jewelry armoire. For years I wanted one. I would find some at thrift shops but the velvet colors would usually turn me away. Then one day, my mom found the PERFECT one!  When I graduated from The University of Kentucky (GO CATS), it was a surprise present from my thoughtful parents.

My jewelry armoire

With an armoire, you are able to easily organize your jewelry. It gives you the appropriate places for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It is also very hard for it to get cluttered. This piece had a nice dark velvet lining, 6 drawers of all different sizes, and many compartments.  There are many many armoires out there. I recommend looking on They have pages and pages of them and you can’t beat their shipping.

My Kate Spade obsession continues in my jewelry armoire 😉
A great way to lay down long earrings
A lovely note that my parents gave me with special pearls
A lovely note that my parents gave me with special pearls

For my tiny necklaces and special Pandora bracelets, I have a nice way to keep those from tangling.


Do you have a jewelry armoire or another way to organize jewelry? Check out an old post I did on a Jewelry Drawer for my mom!

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