How to Organize a Jewelry Drawer

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I want to show you a jewelry drawer transformation. My mom allowed me to use her jewelry drawer as an example on my blog. There are many ways to organize jewelry and if you wish to use a drawer, velvet organizers are a great option.

You can find these organizers at many places. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods, are my favorite places to find them. They can be affordable and in all kinds of shapes and colors.  In the After picture, you will see that my Mom chose to stack these trays, which is a great way to have more storage in your drawer.

Here is my mom’s drawer before:

messy jewelry drawer
  1. Remove EVERYTHING
  2. Hold everything and ask yourself if the item brings you joy.
  3. Organize the jewelry you want to keep by categories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.)
  4. Have a donation or sell pile.
  5. Clean the drawer with soap and water.
  6. Choose what jewelry you will put in your drawer. My mom chose to put her bracelets and earrings in her drawer. Her necklaces are in an “over the door organizer” in her closet. These velvet trays can be difficult for chunky necklaces but great for small pendants.
  7. We placed what she wears most on the top organizers.
  8. Put the velvet trays in your drawer and you are all done. If you have a glass bowl or small jewelry box that is special to you, fit that in the drawer as well. Don’t fill the empty spaces too much. Unnecessary clutter can turn into the before.

While you are organizing a drawer, you may collect items that don’t belong in that drawer. Soon you will find these items stacking up but I suggest finding a home for them immediately and have that area be your next organization project. Don’t wait to work on that spot though, consider tidying it that same day or the next day. Set some reasonable goals for yourself.

Here is my mom’s drawer now:

organized jewelry drawer

Do you have a favorite way to organize jewelry? I have a beautiful jewelry armoire my parents gave me a few years ago for a graduation present. Not everyone has room for these though, so it becomes necessary to find great organization ideas.

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  1. Wow! Another great idea from Moments with Marylee. I have a jewelry box and it’s a mess I think I may organize a drawer just like you have done for your mother.

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