How to Have a Functional Laundry Closet

It’s Tidy Tuesday!

Do you have a laundry closet instead of a separate room? It can be a huge struggle!   I have finally figured out a way to utilize the small space and keep it tidy everyday! First of all, I do have a dream laundry closet. Since we don’t have the resources to do something too extravagant at the moment, I have tidied our closet on a budget and kept it simple. Before I share my budget closet, here are a few dream ones of mine:

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I love the simplicity in this one
I love the simplicity in this one


Who wouldn't want a TV?
Who wouldn’t want a TV?


Look at these colors and countertops!
Look at these colors and countertops!


Beautiful backsplash
Beautiful backsplash

How to Have a Functional Laundry Closet:


  • Only keep Laundry baskets on the tops of your washer and dryer. Do this even if you have top loaders. We used to have top loaders and I still made this a habit (I will never go back to top loaders though!). I also keep a basket on the washer for all of my detergents and laundry products. What are my 3 baskets for? The two black ones are for lights/darks. The tall gray one is for our undergarments (I wash these separately).

    Baskets and Shelf
    Baskets and Shelf
  • On the top shelf (which a lot of people have) I keep lightweight baskets filled with cleaning items, lightbulbs, extension cords, ironing things, etc. I also store my paper towels and toilet paper.  In the far corner I store curtains in a decorative basket.
  • I like to add a little personality. I hung a simple print on the side of my closet that adds a little color.

    Choose a happy and bright print!
  • Along with adding a little personality, we chose to have curtains instead of closet doors. I used sheer, yellow curtains that I found at a yard sale for $2! They also add brightness in a small, dark hallway. When the light is out, you can’t see what is behind the curtains.
    One of my favorite yard sale finds... these curtains!
    One of my favorite yard sale finds… these curtains!

    Our hallway
    Our hallway
  • Do laundry every other day or every two days. Completing this “dreadful” chore more often actually makes it easier! Your loads are smaller and you can put away your clothes in half the time! Sometimes I have a load go in everyday. =)
  • I also regularly dust this area. It keeps it clean and tidy.DSC_0007

My mom is The Laundry Queen. She can solve any stain and do tons of loads a day. With three girls in the house (who love clothes), we never worried about needing clothes clean. I love my mom! She spoiled us for sure. I do believe this talent was passed down to myself. My husband never has an empty closet. 😉 I actually have started to enjoy it. It keeps my laundry area clean and it truly doesn’t take long when you are doing smaller and fewer loads in a day.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a laundry closet or small area? Please share! I’d love to see what you have and how you make it functional. If you need help on making it functional, comment below!


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  1. Thanks! I too have a small laundry closet and have stacked my washer and dryer to make room for a laundry sink (still waiting on the sink!) You have done a god job organizing yours.

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