Our Gender Reveal Party

Boy or Girl?

Today I wanted to share a couple pictures of our Gender Reveal Party. With the help of Pinterest and a little creativity, I came up with some cute games that I think everyone enjoyed. =) We knew the gender at our party, so it was a reveal for our family and friends. I LOVE planning parties, so I had to know the gender. Around 6-8 weeks, I honestly felt like I was having a boy. So when we were told “It’s a boy”, I wasn’t surprised at all.  I couldn’t be happier!

On the table above I had a place for every guest to wear either a blue or pink clothes pin that matched their guess.  I had a sweet photo mat that everyone could leave baby a message.  Lastly I had a calendar of August (our Due date is August 19) for people to write their guess at when baby will come (including the exact time for a tie breaker).  For that game, a winner will be given a prize after the birth.

On the dresser above I had two games that guests could participate in.  The first game, “Don’t say baby”, guests wore a necklace and anytime they heard someone say “baby”, they could steal their necklace.  The goal was simply to collect as many necklaces as possible.

This game allowed guests to vote on girl or boy.  We drew from the correct jar after our big reveal.  =)

The last game we had (which I forgot to take pictures of) was to reveal the name of our baby.  We had 5 mason jars with names written on them that we were debating on.  We drew from the jar that was the name we chose.

Here are a few pictures of our big reveal and some decorations:

Please share and feel free to pin pictures to your Pinterest page!  Thank you for checking out our Gender Reveal Party!


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