Closet Update

Good Sunday Afternoon!

This weekend my mom and I worked on her spare bedroom closets. This may seem like a chore to some, but I find organizing to be an adventure! I love dreaming of the after product and of all the things that can be sent off as a donation or saved for a yard sale.

First things first…

The best place to begin is to completely remove everything from the closets. We found that it created an immediate blank slate in the closets and you can start to feel a slight reward before you even begin organizing.

Of course after you have your blank slate, clean that space from top to bottom!


For this project my mom wanted it to be on a budget. So for now, we aren’t painting or removing wallpaper, or putting in shelving. That is perfectly fine! Sometimes all you can do at that moment is organize with what you have and get rid of things! Don’t let a budget stop you from organizing your house. I would love to help assist if you don’t know where to begin.

For the closet with shelves, we decided to use milk crates that my parents had. We were happy to find that they fit perfectly! This closet is going to be used to hold birthday/Christmas gifts that she wants to store for future holidays. Do you have a gift closet? I have started one of these since I was a child (I learned from my mom to always be prepared).


For the closet without shelves, we are going to use plastic tubs to store large craft supplies and hooded baby towels that my mom sells. She makes these beautiful hooded baby towels and has many on hand. If you want to purchase one, email me and I can set that up! They make wonderful presents. Here is an example of them (worn by my beautiful niece, Sadie):

Sadie Sadie 2Sadie 3

Thank you for checking out the update! I don’t want to post too many pictures before we are finished. After we are done with these closets, we will be moving to Fibber’s closet. Did you read my post on Fibber’s? You can check it out here.

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