Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser

Happy Monday!

Who can believe that it is May 22? 2017 has flown by and what a year of blessings it has been.  I am now 27 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. For someone that went through a miscarriage in their first pregnancy, every week is such a reward. Being in my third trimester has brought on new things to worry about (preterm labor, contractions, etc.) but I am keeping God at the center of my pregnancy and remembering that Lucas is here for a reason. I find comfort in that and my worries disappear.

Here are Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser:

We received this gorgeous dresser from my in-laws that I found on Everything but the House. If you haven’t checked out that website, go check it out!!  Basically it is an auction site with nearby estate sales. We have found some amazing treasures from EBTH in the past couple of years.

My favorite nursery accessory so far is this super fun lamp we received from my parents.  They found it at Ross discount store. My sister made the University of Kentucky fight song print a few years ago that fits perfectly in the nursery. 😉

So what is our theme exactly? We decided to go with an elegant/University of Kentucky/royal-navy-light blue theme. Over the next few weeks we will keep showing a few sneak peeks until we are complete.

No matter what type of dresser/chest/set of drawers that you have in your nursery, you can have organized storage for baby clothes.  I originally wanted to hang up most of Lucas’s clothes but I found it easier to fold those tiny clothes vertically to condense them together. My dresser has 5 drawers.  The top drawer is for sleepers/pajamas. The 2nd and 3rd drawer is for onesies/tops.  The 4th drawer is for pants and the 5th drawer is for outfits and shorts.  I figured I wouldn’t need many shorts in the first few months because fall/winter will be right around the corner. That is why I dedicated a full drawer to pants.

Look at those tiny pants!

In each drawer I folded the clothes vertically and made each column a different size. Folding vertically allows you to fit so many items in one drawer and you can see a sample of each item.  It may look like I have a ton of clothes so far… and well… I do.  My mom and I have been having so much fun finding deals at yard sales and thrift shops.  Where else can you get 13 outfits for $4?? They are all like-new!! Finding deals like that can sure spoil a person but I love searching for treasures.


I am thinking about putting labels inside the dresser to show the sizes… but I’m almost out of label tape… so that will come soon! My hubby will also have an easier time knowing where to put away clothes.

I hope you like our first sneak peek of the nursery! I know I didn’t show much, but there are a couple more things to complete.

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One more picture… isn’t this the cutest outfit? My mom found it at our local thrift shop!

Oh and here’s a bumpdate… hehe

Have a great week!


Closets Organized

Who is ready for AFTER pictures of two unorganized closets?

Here is a reminder of BEFORE the double closets that I was working on for my parents:

DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0049


Here is the AFTER:

DSC_0001 DSC_0004DSC_0003

We chose to use the first closet for gifts, memorable items, specific holiday gifts, etc. What a blessing it is to have a closet all for gifts! We used milk crates to hold these items and we labeled them with my DYMO label maker.


The second closet we used tubs that are used to hold items for storage, like large craft items that aren’t used much and my mom’s Hooded Baby Towels. They stack very well and we tried to keep them lightweight so they were easy to move around.

Remember when you organize, you don’t have to use expensive and fancy items. The most important thing is to ORGANIZE! Get started and make your life easier.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Closet Update

Good Sunday Afternoon!

This weekend my mom and I worked on her spare bedroom closets. This may seem like a chore to some, but I find organizing to be an adventure! I love dreaming of the after product and of all the things that can be sent off as a donation or saved for a yard sale.

First things first…

The best place to begin is to completely remove everything from the closets. We found that it created an immediate blank slate in the closets and you can start to feel a slight reward before you even begin organizing.

Of course after you have your blank slate, clean that space from top to bottom!


For this project my mom wanted it to be on a budget. So for now, we aren’t painting or removing wallpaper, or putting in shelving. That is perfectly fine! Sometimes all you can do at that moment is organize with what you have and get rid of things! Don’t let a budget stop you from organizing your house. I would love to help assist if you don’t know where to begin.

For the closet with shelves, we decided to use milk crates that my parents had. We were happy to find that they fit perfectly! This closet is going to be used to hold birthday/Christmas gifts that she wants to store for future holidays. Do you have a gift closet? I have started one of these since I was a child (I learned from my mom to always be prepared).


For the closet without shelves, we are going to use plastic tubs to store large craft supplies and hooded baby towels that my mom sells. She makes these beautiful hooded baby towels and has many on hand. If you want to purchase one, email me and I can set that up! They make wonderful presents. Here is an example of them (worn by my beautiful niece, Sadie):

Sadie Sadie 2Sadie 3

Thank you for checking out the update! I don’t want to post too many pictures before we are finished. After we are done with these closets, we will be moving to Fibber’s closet. Did you read my post on Fibber’s? You can check it out here.

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The Infamous Fibber’s Closet

It’s Tidy Tuesday!

I know it seems like I have disappeared but I am still here!  I have been coming up with some organizing projects and will be busy the next few weeks. I will be working side-by-side with my mom to tackle some of her closets that tend to become unorganized.

My amazing mom has given me permission to post some before photos of her closets we will be working on.

These first two closets were in my bedroom that I grew up in. I did not appreciate these closets as much as I could have growing up! Sharing a tiny closet with a man is difficult! I had it made in the shade through my childhood. 😉

DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0051

My mom now uses these closets for gifts, crafts, projects, blankets, pillows, etc. As we tackle these closets, I will be helping her donate a lot of unused items and place them in baskets that will allow her to put away things easily.

This final closet has been an ongoing funny story in my family. The closet goes by Fibber McGee. Where does that name come from you might ask? Fibber McGee and Molly was a radio show that turned into a series for television. It was on from the 30’s-50’s.  An ongoing gag in the show was The Closet. Fibber McGee opened this chaotic closet and things would fly out, sometimes over Fibber and Molly’s heads. One famous line McGee would say was “I gotta get that closet cleaned out one of these days”.  My mom is FAR from Fibber’s closet but it’s always been a funny joke in our house.

DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048

Here is a cute clip of the Fibber McGee series: Fibber Clip

You will notice that my mom’s Fibber closet is fairly organized on the shelves. We have tackled this closet before but my goal the next time around is to teach my mom how to maintain and not to rebound back to an unorganized way.

So over the next few weeks, my mom and I will be organizing her closets using approriate storage tools and folding techniques. I can’t wait to share the after pictures but for now all I have is before’s. 🙂 Maybe after all the organizing is complete we can name the closet Molly McGee.

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6 Things to Start Folding Vertically


It’s Tidy Tuesday! Today I am sharing 6 Things to Start Folding Vertically. If you haven’t already, please sign up for email reminders! You won’t have to miss any new post. 😉

I learned the art of folding vertically from Marie Kondo. I was so thrilled when I started folding my shirts this way. I was able to combine several drawers into one! Not only were all my tops in one drawer, but I could see every top I own! After I got these awesome results with my shirts, I started folding everything vertically. So today I am sharing some examples in my own home. I highly recommend this way of folding.

6 Things to Start Folding Vertically

  1. Wash Cloths/Hand Towels. As you can see I have separate baskets for each type of towel. The small basket for my hand towels created enough room for my spare sheet set. washcloths
  2. Kitchen towels/cloth napkins/aprons/tablecloths. These towels and cloth napkins were in so many baskets and drawers. I donated some but narrowed them down to one drawer. How refreshing!! kitchen towelsDSC_0048
  3. Cards. Who else keeps note cards on hand? I always like to have a card ready to send someone! I love finding these at yard sales, goodwill, discounted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. cards vertical
  4. Tops/pants. Here is the drawer that started it all! 😉folded tops
  5. Socks and undergarments. If you missed my post on folding socks, you can find it here.Large Compartment
  6. Curtains. Folding vertically also keeps things neat and not wrinkled.DSC_0044

Do you have anything you fold vertically that I didn’t list? Let me know!

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7 Ways to Use Over the Door Organizers

Happy Hump Day! I feel so bad about missing Tidy Tuesday but I am back to share 7 Ways to Use Over-the-Door Organizers.

I already own 3 of these things but now I want to buy a few more! They are very inexpensive, and I’ve actually found a new one before at a Thrift Shop for $2! So keep your eyes out! Here is one at Amazon: Over the Door Organizer.

Over-the-door organizers might be meant for shoes but they have a lot more uses! It just takes a door and a little creativity. 😉 I prefer clear ones so that you can see what is hiding in the pockets but cloth ones work just fine (depending on what you are storing).

7 Ways to Use Over the Door Organizers:

  1. Gloves and hats. I LOVE this idea. It’s coming from The DIY Village. I am going to work on this very soon. I have been storing gloves and hats in tote bags but I never get to see all the cute items we own.                                                                                                                     gloves
  2. Scarves! I have a million scarves, so it might not be a big enough storage idea for me. I am going to try it though! It might be time to get rid of some scarves. This idea comes from Organized by O’Dell.                                                                                                                       scarves
  3. Cleaning products. This idea would be great if you had a cleaning closet. We have very few closets in our house but this idea makes me want to move my cleaning products! This idea is coming from Fashionable Home.                                                                cleaners

  4. School supplies. This idea comes from A Bowl Full of Lemons. I love this idea because it would be very easy for kids to help organize. It is easy and you can keep the scissors up high. 😉 You could also go to the extreme and color-code crayons, markers, etc.                       utensils
  5. Toys. This idea comes from This is a super idea for dolls, cards, legos, etc. dolls
  6. Gift wrap. This is a different type of over-the-door organizer but it still works well. There are so many to choose from. This idea is from O is for Organize.                           gift wrap
  7. Cords and batteries. This idea comes from iHeart Organizing. I love the idea of storing cords! Who doesn’t have a ton of cords lying around? This would solve that problem! cords

So there you have it: 7 Ways to Use Over the Door Organizers. Do you use these? If so, how do you use them? Please share in a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

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Check Spring Cleaning Off Your List

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I am not sure about your home, but we had BEAUTIFUL weather this past weekend. I could not get enough of it. The temperatures are starting to get lower again but I do know that spring is right around the corner.

My favorite moments of springtime are when we can open the windows and hear the birds chirping. After a season of sniffles, flu, and colds, it is time to air your house out and feel fresh! One more thing I love about spring is the cleaning. I may sound super weird but I love a freshly, cleaned house. Spring cleaning means deep cleaning and getting to spots you don’t clean on a daily basis. I definitely compare myself to Monica from friends in that regard. I enjoy cleaning too much. 😉

Today’s Tidy Tuesday tip is from Simply + Kierste. Kierste shared a very helpful Spring Cleaning Checklist that will make your deep-cleaning a breeze. She goes in-depth over each point on her list.

Here is her checklist:


Go check out her post on Spring Cleaning.  I cannot wait to use this checklist.

I suggest printing this on card stock paper and then laminating it. You can use a dry-erase marker and reuse it every spring!

Do you like to have calendars and check lists for chores? I have been planning on designing my own cleaning/organizing schedule calendar. Would you use something like that for your house?


The Best Method for Folding Socks

Today I am sharing the best way to fold your socks! Sock drawers can be a disaster.  They go missing, they are mismatched, they are rolled up in balls of different sizes, specific ones are hard to find, etc. I have been there. I used to have a basket I would throw those rolled up balls in. I only used the 3-4 pairs on top, what a mess it was!  When I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it changed the way I fold my socks forever.

Marie Kondo’s method for folding socks works best if you use a drawer or some type of flat basket. You don’t want to use a deep basket that requires stacking. I have an antique trunk in my bedroom that I use to store my pajamas. The trunk has this awesome lift-out tray that I use for my socks. It is the perfect size and has two compartments. The large compartment is for my longer socks and the small compartment is for my no-shows.

My trunk lift-out tray
Large Compartment
Large compartment
Small Compartment
Small compartment (no-show socks)

Folding Step-by-Step

Lay flat and stacked on top of each other
1. Lay flat and stacked on top of each other
2. Fold over one side, half way
2. Fold over one side, half way
3. Fold over a third time
3. Fold over a third time

Don’t you just love those socks??? They are Kate Spade found on Ebay. They have so many designer pairs for great prices!

Folding For Smaller Pairs:

1. Lay flat and stacked
2. Fold over once for smaller pairs
2. Fold over once for smaller pairs

After Folding…


After you have tackled the folding, you will want to prop each pair on their sides and squeeze them close together so they don’t topple over. Some pairs are stronger than others. When I completed this task and saw each pair, I was thrilled! I didn’t realize I had so many and I forgot about many of the pairs. I also threw away the ones that didn’t have matches or had holes.

How do you fold your socks? Is this a project you will try?

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How to Have a Functional Laundry Closet

It’s Tidy Tuesday!

Do you have a laundry closet instead of a separate room? It can be a huge struggle!   I have finally figured out a way to utilize the small space and keep it tidy everyday! First of all, I do have a dream laundry closet. Since we don’t have the resources to do something too extravagant at the moment, I have tidied our closet on a budget and kept it simple. Before I share my budget closet, here are a few dream ones of mine:

(Click on photo for links)
I love the simplicity in this one
I love the simplicity in this one


Who wouldn't want a TV?
Who wouldn’t want a TV?


Look at these colors and countertops!
Look at these colors and countertops!


Beautiful backsplash
Beautiful backsplash

How to Have a Functional Laundry Closet:


  • Only keep Laundry baskets on the tops of your washer and dryer. Do this even if you have top loaders. We used to have top loaders and I still made this a habit (I will never go back to top loaders though!). I also keep a basket on the washer for all of my detergents and laundry products. What are my 3 baskets for? The two black ones are for lights/darks. The tall gray one is for our undergarments (I wash these separately).

    Baskets and Shelf
    Baskets and Shelf
  • On the top shelf (which a lot of people have) I keep lightweight baskets filled with cleaning items, lightbulbs, extension cords, ironing things, etc. I also store my paper towels and toilet paper.  In the far corner I store curtains in a decorative basket.
  • I like to add a little personality. I hung a simple print on the side of my closet that adds a little color.

    Choose a happy and bright print!
  • Along with adding a little personality, we chose to have curtains instead of closet doors. I used sheer, yellow curtains that I found at a yard sale for $2! They also add brightness in a small, dark hallway. When the light is out, you can’t see what is behind the curtains.
    One of my favorite yard sale finds... these curtains!
    One of my favorite yard sale finds… these curtains!

    Our hallway
    Our hallway
  • Do laundry every other day or every two days. Completing this “dreadful” chore more often actually makes it easier! Your loads are smaller and you can put away your clothes in half the time! Sometimes I have a load go in everyday. =)
  • I also regularly dust this area. It keeps it clean and tidy.DSC_0007

My mom is The Laundry Queen. She can solve any stain and do tons of loads a day. With three girls in the house (who love clothes), we never worried about needing clothes clean. I love my mom! She spoiled us for sure. I do believe this talent was passed down to myself. My husband never has an empty closet. 😉 I actually have started to enjoy it. It keeps my laundry area clean and it truly doesn’t take long when you are doing smaller and fewer loads in a day.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a laundry closet or small area? Please share! I’d love to see what you have and how you make it functional. If you need help on making it functional, comment below!


How to Organize a Jewelry Drawer

organized jewelry drawer

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I want to show you a jewelry drawer transformation. My mom allowed me to use her jewelry drawer as an example on my blog. There are many ways to organize jewelry and if you wish to use a drawer, velvet organizers are a great option.

You can find these organizers at many places. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods, are my favorite places to find them. They can be affordable and in all kinds of shapes and colors.  In the After picture, you will see that my Mom chose to stack these trays, which is a great way to have more storage in your drawer.

Here is my mom’s drawer before:

messy jewelry drawer
  1. Remove EVERYTHING
  2. Hold everything and ask yourself if the item brings you joy.
  3. Organize the jewelry you want to keep by categories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.)
  4. Have a donation or sell pile.
  5. Clean the drawer with soap and water.
  6. Choose what jewelry you will put in your drawer. My mom chose to put her bracelets and earrings in her drawer. Her necklaces are in an “over the door organizer” in her closet. These velvet trays can be difficult for chunky necklaces but great for small pendants.
  7. We placed what she wears most on the top organizers.
  8. Put the velvet trays in your drawer and you are all done. If you have a glass bowl or small jewelry box that is special to you, fit that in the drawer as well. Don’t fill the empty spaces too much. Unnecessary clutter can turn into the before.

While you are organizing a drawer, you may collect items that don’t belong in that drawer. Soon you will find these items stacking up but I suggest finding a home for them immediately and have that area be your next organization project. Don’t wait to work on that spot though, consider tidying it that same day or the next day. Set some reasonable goals for yourself.

Here is my mom’s drawer now:

organized jewelry drawer

Do you have a favorite way to organize jewelry? I have a beautiful jewelry armoire my parents gave me a few years ago for a graduation present. Not everyone has room for these though, so it becomes necessary to find great organization ideas.

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