Everyone Loves A Pinterest Valentine’s Success!

Happy Valentine’s Eve! We all love a Pinterest successes right? Well I have a very easy Valentine’s treat that you have got to try! And guess what? You can customize this treat for any holiday! You could change the sprinkles or shapes! So what am I making for Valentine’s treats?

Chocolate Dipped Krispie Treats

Here is a link to the recipe: Chocolate Dipped Krispie Treats. This cute recipe is from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. It’s a super cute blog sharing recipes that you will love!  Who loves finding new blogs on Pinterest? It is such a great place to find new blogs, recipes, diy ideas, clothes, deals, etc. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest page, I am constantly pinning awesome things. Follow me on Pinterest

So here are my Chocolate Dipped Krispie Treats:




I chose to drizzle chocolate on some because it used less chocolate and I prefer to use the expensive ones (Ghirardelli.. you’ve got to for Valentine’s Day, right??).

This is my kind of recipe. Easy. Affordable. Quick. YUMMY. and ADORABLE. 

For Christmas, use a Christmas tree cookie cutter and red/green sprinkles. For Easter, use a Cross cookie cutter and purple/gold sprinkles. For Halloween, use a pumpkin cookie cutter and orange sprinkles. The options are endless! I am loving this idea!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Thank you for reading and following my blog so far! I apologize I have been distant this week. It has been super crazy in my house. Thankfully my husband has healed from the flu and I have not caught it (still praying). Working full-time and taking care of my husband and myself has been an even fuller-time adventure this week. But I’m looking forward to next week’s blog posts! I hope you are too!

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What kind of Valentine’s treats are you cooking up? Share in a comment!


7 Tips for Your Marriage After a Miscarriage

Today I am sharing 7 Tips for Your Marriage After A Miscarriage. This post came to me after my husband and I visited a marriage event this past weekend. It was called Love Worth Fighting For, featuring Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield. It truly encouraged our marriage. We have had a year of giant ups and downs but have remained strong together. We completely owe that to our father, Jesus Christ. Through a miscarriage, new job, stress over money, surgeries, etc., I feel our marriage growing stronger.

Here we are at Love Worth Fighting For:


We decided to make this event our Valentine’s presents to each other. We also purchased these awesome t-shirts (with matching wristbands ;)). We’ve decided to wear them a lot this February. You can find them here: The Love Shirts


Nathan is the love of my life and I am so blessed to be able to call him my husband! Our miscarriage was a huge learning experience for us. Nathan had never seen me in that much agony and I know I scared him at times but I am so thankful he stayed by my side the whole time.

I am going to share some tips that I believe will keep your relationship strong if you are going through a miscarriage or any type of loss. The type of pain you experience through something like a miscarriage can be hard on a marriage. The most important thing I learned from Love Worth Fighting For is to fight for your marriage! Don’t ever give up on each other.

7 Tips for Your Marriage After a Miscarriage:

  1. Give each other time to grieve. Some people take longer to grieve than others. Don’t rush each other and don’t feel bad for not being at the same point. It’s okay to be at different stages in grief, as the female or male. Take as much time as you need. Accept help from others and be there for each other when sadness really takes over.
  2. Go away together. After I was cleared by the doctor, Nathan and I took a small trip to Gatlinburg, TN (one of our favorite relaxing spots). The car ride was great for talking or just listening to music. We didn’t have to cook or clean. We had no worries. Make this trip memorable by doing something in memory of the one you lost. Either by some type of memorial item or doing something that you will never forget (ride in a helicopter, go on a trolley ride, bungee jump, etc.). Be with each other!
  3. Grieve together and share your feelings when you are ready. Cry and question things together. Don’t force each other to talk when the other one isn’t ready. Some people take longer to share their feelings than others.
  4. Remember milestone days, some have harder times during these days than others. When your due date comes around, Christmas, your birthdays, or any special time for you, it can be very hard coping with not having a baby in your hands. Some have a harder time at this than others. Understand your spouse and be there for them. Don’t push them, but instead be understanding
  5. Be patient. Don’t lash out at each other. Some people have anger. I definitely had anger at times but Nathan was always there to remind me that God watches over us.
  6. Seek outside help. Talk to a pastor, counselor, therapist, etc. They are there to help people talk through difficult times. If you don’t know what to talk about or how to bring things up, they will help you! I highly encourage this.
  7. Pray together. Lastly, but most importantly, keep God at the center of your relationship during the good and bad times. Remember that God holds your future and he is going to take care of you.

Have you gone through a hard time with your spouse following a miscarriage or another difficult loss? Try these tips and I pray that God has his hand on your marriage and future. Fight for your marriage and don’t give up on each other!


I Like Where You’re Going

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to our friends Aaron and Izzy Becerra and share how they are demonstrating love for others. They came to visit last night from California. We don’t see them often but whenever we get to see each other, we pick up right where we left off before. They have such giving hearts and I am so inspired by the love they are sharing in China next month.

How we met Aaron and Izzy

My husband met Aaron at his job a few years ago. Aaron was engaged to Izzy at the time and we got to know them. We had late game nights, dinners, and an amusement park visit. We loved our friendship and missed them very much when they moved to California after their wedding. Whenever they come to Kentucky for visits we still get together and have those fun game nights, but now with their beautiful daughter, Rosy.



How Aaron and Izzy met

In 2011 Aaron and Izzy were on a mission trip in China and became great friends.  When they were back in the United States they fell in love. He was from California and she was from Kentucky. Aaron moved to Kentucky until they got married, they started a home in LA as Mr. and Mrs. Becerra. Later on they had sweet Rosy.


Deciding to go Back to China

After having Rosy, they finally had the time to go back and visit their friends they made on their mission trip.  While they are there they felt led to teach English at Childfirst Kindergarten in Chongqing, China.

Love as an Action

This week I have been reading the book Love Does, by Bob Goff. First of all, I highly recommend this book for everyone. I feel like this is incredible timing that I’ve been reading this book and their visit being last night. In Love Does, Bob shares hilarious and meaningful stories of his life that depict what love is. Love takes action. Love does not stop at feelings and thoughts. They are giving up the comfort of being in their home and near family to travel across the world to show love to others.

Jesus has been opening my eyes this week to find ways to demonstrate love.  I want people to see Jesus in me. I fail at this everyday. I see Jesus in Aaron and Izzy.

I am attaching a link to their Go Fund Me page where you can read more about their story.  If you feel God leading you to donate money to them, I know they would truly appreciate it and be blessed by it.

The Becerra’s gofundme Page

I Like Where You’re Going

As you go on this week think about where you are going. In the words of Bob Goff, figure out what fuels your joy, then do a lot of it.  God uses ordinary people to share his love. If you start loving people more, I think others will see Jesus pouring out of you. Have a blessed week and be praying for the Becerras as they travel to China next month. I like where they’re going and how they are sharing love.

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