Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser

Happy Monday!

Who can believe that it is May 22? 2017 has flown by and what a year of blessings it has been.  I am now 27 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. For someone that went through a miscarriage in their first pregnancy, every week is such a reward. Being in my third trimester has brought on new things to worry about (preterm labor, contractions, etc.) but I am keeping God at the center of my pregnancy and remembering that Lucas is here for a reason. I find comfort in that and my worries disappear.

Here are Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser:

We received this gorgeous dresser from my in-laws that I found on Everything but the House. If you haven’t checked out that website, go check it out!!  Basically it is an auction site with nearby estate sales. We have found some amazing treasures from EBTH in the past couple of years.

My favorite nursery accessory so far is this super fun lamp we received from my parents.  They found it at Ross discount store. My sister made the University of Kentucky fight song print a few years ago that fits perfectly in the nursery. 😉

So what is our theme exactly? We decided to go with an elegant/University of Kentucky/royal-navy-light blue theme. Over the next few weeks we will keep showing a few sneak peeks until we are complete.

No matter what type of dresser/chest/set of drawers that you have in your nursery, you can have organized storage for baby clothes.  I originally wanted to hang up most of Lucas’s clothes but I found it easier to fold those tiny clothes vertically to condense them together. My dresser has 5 drawers.  The top drawer is for sleepers/pajamas. The 2nd and 3rd drawer is for onesies/tops.  The 4th drawer is for pants and the 5th drawer is for outfits and shorts.  I figured I wouldn’t need many shorts in the first few months because fall/winter will be right around the corner. That is why I dedicated a full drawer to pants.

Look at those tiny pants!

In each drawer I folded the clothes vertically and made each column a different size. Folding vertically allows you to fit so many items in one drawer and you can see a sample of each item.  It may look like I have a ton of clothes so far… and well… I do.  My mom and I have been having so much fun finding deals at yard sales and thrift shops.  Where else can you get 13 outfits for $4?? They are all like-new!! Finding deals like that can sure spoil a person but I love searching for treasures.


I am thinking about putting labels inside the dresser to show the sizes… but I’m almost out of label tape… so that will come soon! My hubby will also have an easier time knowing where to put away clothes.

I hope you like our first sneak peek of the nursery! I know I didn’t show much, but there are a couple more things to complete.

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One more picture… isn’t this the cutest outfit? My mom found it at our local thrift shop!

Oh and here’s a bumpdate… hehe

Have a great week!


Summer Travel Tips

Hello all!

I hope you all have had a great start to June! It has been a busy time for my family the past couple weeks, but all great things for sure! Nathan and I have started our own DJ business called Mister and Mrs. DJ. Find us on FB, Twitter, and Insta (all @misterandmrsdj). It is going to be a thrilling side business to do with my wonderful hubby. =)

I am sorry to say that I am going to make you all wait ONE more day to see the After of my mom’s closets. Before I post tomorrow, review the Before.

As for today I want to share 28 BRILLIANT Travel Hacks. A lot of people will probably be traveling this summer and these will sure help you as you prepare for your trip.

28 Brilliant Travel Hacks You Need To Know For Summer Vacations

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these hacks. Who else is thankful for awesome hacks that people post online? They have solved so many problems!

I want to end today with a Bible verse. A special friend over at Beneath My Heart wrote a sweet post  about her adoption that will be taking place very soon! They are selling precious t-shirts to help go towards their adoption.  It reminded me of the HOPE I have for having a baby some day.


Romans 15:13 – “I pray that the God who gives HOPE will fill you with much joy and peace while you trust in him. Then your HOPE will overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

May 27th marked a year for my miscarriage. I had mixed emotions on posting that day. It technically lasted for several days, so I don’t associate it with that one day. This past year has been full of changes and growth. Having HOPE can help you through a difficult time. Don’t hesitate in emailing me if you want to talk! It helps to share your story and talk to someone that has been in similar shoes.

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6 Things to Start Folding Vertically


It’s Tidy Tuesday! Today I am sharing 6 Things to Start Folding Vertically. If you haven’t already, please sign up for email reminders! You won’t have to miss any new post. 😉

I learned the art of folding vertically from Marie Kondo. I was so thrilled when I started folding my shirts this way. I was able to combine several drawers into one! Not only were all my tops in one drawer, but I could see every top I own! After I got these awesome results with my shirts, I started folding everything vertically. So today I am sharing some examples in my own home. I highly recommend this way of folding.

6 Things to Start Folding Vertically

  1. Wash Cloths/Hand Towels. As you can see I have separate baskets for each type of towel. The small basket for my hand towels created enough room for my spare sheet set. washcloths
  2. Kitchen towels/cloth napkins/aprons/tablecloths. These towels and cloth napkins were in so many baskets and drawers. I donated some but narrowed them down to one drawer. How refreshing!! kitchen towelsDSC_0048
  3. Cards. Who else keeps note cards on hand? I always like to have a card ready to send someone! I love finding these at yard sales, goodwill, discounted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. cards vertical
  4. Tops/pants. Here is the drawer that started it all! 😉folded tops
  5. Socks and undergarments. If you missed my post on folding socks, you can find it here.Large Compartment
  6. Curtains. Folding vertically also keeps things neat and not wrinkled.DSC_0044

Do you have anything you fold vertically that I didn’t list? Let me know!

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