8 Reasons I Love Babylist

Happy Monday!

First off, here’s a quick bumpdate for all my readers: 

Every week is a HUGE milestone and blessing. It has almost been two years since our miscarriage and I never thought being 25 weeks pregnant would be possible. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that God really wants this baby here and I am going to have him! Nathan reminded me of that early on.  I don’t remember how he phrased it but it was something on the lines of “you don’t need to worry, God wants you to have this baby”.  That gave me so much comfort and I’ve recited that in my head ever since I heard it.  Mother’s day can be a very difficult time for some women, here is a post I did around this time last year, A Mother’s Day After a Miscarriage.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Babylist registry.  I kept seeing ads for this neat website on Pinterest and various baby ads.  I decided to take this free quiz they offer that gives you a personalized registry.  The results were very close to what I would register for but of course we didn’t need everything it showed.  But the website intrigued me, so I kept looking into Babylist.

Simply put, Babylist is similar to Pinterest (but in registry form).  It comes with a “button” download and when you are on a site and see something for your baby, you push the “Add to Babylist” button.  This allows you to add items from websites like Etsy or Target.  It also allows you to shop around and find exactly what you want, not just items from 1 or 2 stores.  Sometimes it shows other stores the item is available at for price comparison.

I am at step 1 in the registry process.  I’ve almost completed my registry but no one has visited it yet because our showers are later on.  I have loved it so far and once I get feedback from family/friends, I will update a review on their opinions.

For now, here are my 8 favorite things about Babylist (so far it’s all positive):

  1. The website is very organized and easy to use.  I love being able to edit and customize categories. I even made a category for “maternity leave”.  You are able to add items such as home-cooked meals, babysitting, gift cards for food places, cleaning services, etc.
  2. I love being able to register for items from Etsy.  From monogrammed items to handmade items, the ability to support crafters is fantastic.
  3. Babylist is very personalized.  You can leave notes on each item to explain why you want it or what it will be used for. You can leave a message at the top of your registry for your family/friends.
  4. When pushing the “Add to Babylist” button, it gives you a customized pop-up that allows you to put the item in the appropriate category (or make a completely new category), change the quantity, leave a message about the item, and change the title.
  5. The registry is done in the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to visit stores and find the best registry.  This allows you to shop everywhere and simply search from your computer. You also don’t feel the pressure from a salesperson.  However, if you do have questions or concerns, Babylist has a very helpful staff.
  6. They will send you 100 free shower inserts!
  7. They also give you a fun countdown for baby’s due date!
  8. The mobile app is very nice!  You can search stores right from the app and download items that way if you are on the go and think of an item to add. I have never had any trouble with the app and love the suggestions they show.

Do you want to check out my registry so far? I’m still working on a few things but you can look at what I have now: babylist.com/marylee.

Have a blessed week!


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