How to Organize a Jewelry Drawer

organized jewelry drawer

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I want to show you a jewelry drawer transformation. My mom allowed me to use her jewelry drawer as an example on my blog. There are many ways to organize jewelry and if you wish to use a drawer, velvet organizers are a great option.

You can find these organizers at many places. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods, are my favorite places to find them. They can be affordable and in all kinds of shapes and colors.  In the After picture, you will see that my Mom chose to stack these trays, which is a great way to have more storage in your drawer.

Here is my mom’s drawer before:

messy jewelry drawer
  1. Remove EVERYTHING
  2. Hold everything and ask yourself if the item brings you joy.
  3. Organize the jewelry you want to keep by categories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.)
  4. Have a donation or sell pile.
  5. Clean the drawer with soap and water.
  6. Choose what jewelry you will put in your drawer. My mom chose to put her bracelets and earrings in her drawer. Her necklaces are in an “over the door organizer” in her closet. These velvet trays can be difficult for chunky necklaces but great for small pendants.
  7. We placed what she wears most on the top organizers.
  8. Put the velvet trays in your drawer and you are all done. If you have a glass bowl or small jewelry box that is special to you, fit that in the drawer as well. Don’t fill the empty spaces too much. Unnecessary clutter can turn into the before.

While you are organizing a drawer, you may collect items that don’t belong in that drawer. Soon you will find these items stacking up but I suggest finding a home for them immediately and have that area be your next organization project. Don’t wait to work on that spot though, consider tidying it that same day or the next day. Set some reasonable goals for yourself.

Here is my mom’s drawer now:

organized jewelry drawer

Do you have a favorite way to organize jewelry? I have a beautiful jewelry armoire my parents gave me a few years ago for a graduation present. Not everyone has room for these though, so it becomes necessary to find great organization ideas.

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How we are Spending our Snow Day

spike plant and bench

Happy Snow Day! Well, at least it is for a lot of Kentucky. It’s always nice when Nathan and I both have a day off! The majority of my family has a snow day as well, except for my daddy’o. He’s such a hard worker and essential for the school he works at. Say a prayer today to all those that have to be on the road. So many businesses don’t close that rely on their employees.

Here are some pictures of today’s winter storm (which is still going on):

Above our front door


spike plant and bench
My spike plant trying to hang in there


Nathan shoveling

It’s a beautiful, light snow, so sadly we can’t throw snowballs but it has been relaxing inside. It’s also been a great day for blog planning. With all this snow I wanted to share a great bargain that will keep your entry way nice a clean!

When there is a lot of snow, mud, or rain, does your entry way look like a mess? It’s almost impossible to keep it neat and clean when people are dragging in gear and dirty shoes. We decided to take a plunge and make snow angels, and well our shoes and clothes were soaked.

So here is our entry way with all this snow:

door mat
Mainstays Door Mat from Wal-Mart

I love this rug! We purchased it at Wal-Mart a few years ago and it is great for keeping your entryway clean. It is also big enough to keep shoes on and let dry out. Today we have gloves and hats drying out as well. It is also a great place our sweet pups can sit while we dry their paws off. We keep our coats and extra layers that are soaked hanging up behind the door. If there is any dripping, it makes it to the rug.

For only $10.56, you get a stylish rug that protects your entryway and keeps it neat. It cleans your shoes and traps water. It’s also made in the USA! Here is a link: Entryway Rug. I highly recommend it!

We are enjoying the snow but our pups, don’t enjoy getting out in it. But they sure look cute. =)

Violet our oldest poodle

Have a blessed weekend and stay safe if you find yourself in a winter storm!


5 Hesitations Not To Have If You Are Pregnant

When you find out you’re pregnant, many people feel like they need to hesitate in doing certain things or holding back telling people.  You might have fear over the worst possible outcome. I am here to tell you 5 hesitations not to have if you are pregnant. I have had a miscarriage and I don’t regret the ways we celebrated and prepared. It is okay to celebrate and be happy early on.

  1. Don’t hesitate in telling your close family and friends that you are pregnant.                                                                                                                                                                                    I would wait sometime to post on social media but when it comes to those close to you, why wait? When something horrible happens in your life, don’t you want them there? I took a pregnancy test by myself and when I found out, I was very shocked and could not hold it in. I surprised Nathan that same evening and loved his sweet reaction when he was scratching his head while looking at that test. We told our parents probably a week later, then our siblings and some close friends shortly after. It is still easy to feel alone during a miscarriage but the more people you have for support, the better.
  2. Don’t hesitate in buying and preparing for maternity/baby things.                                                                                       Before we even found out I was pregnant, I purchased an awesome like-new changing table from Goodwill for $15. I love it. It hurt for a while to see it after the miscarriage, but honestly I know it is just an item and it can be for the future. It’s also available for our sweet niece and friend’s baby. I also purchased and received a lot of maternity clothing. Those aren’t the only things we purchased and we don’t regret any of them. It’s probably obvious I am a planner. 😉

    changing table
    Our Changing Table Goodwill Find
  3. Don’t hesitate in talking about baby names or ways to raise your children.                         Nathan and I talked a lot about ways we would raise our children and we even came up with a long list of boy/girl names we loved. We still talk about these things today. Don’t let fear hold you back from talking and planning about your future as a parent.
  4. Don’t hesitate in going to the doctor.                                                                                                    I was recommended in waiting 8 weeks before going to the doctor. Although that is completely normal, if you feel like you should go early, go! It’s okay to get an official test and blood work. You also might want to try a few doctors/midwives out. I wouldn’t rush to the doctor as soon as you find out but don’t wait 8 weeks if you don’t feel like you should. It is your pregnancy and your choice.
  5. Don’t hesitate in being healthy and taking prenatal vitamins.                                                        I was also told I didn’t need to rush into taking a prenatal vitamin. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins. Find a raw, whole food vitamin and start taking them before or when you find out your exciting news. Eat organic, non-GMO, veggies, local meat, etc. Take care of your body and stay away from as many toxins as you can.

Don’t hold back on happiness or celebrating if you find out exciting news of a pregnancy. Stay in prayer and have faith in the future.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”              

Philippians 4:6-7.

Are you experiencing any hesitations right now during a pregnancy? Are you experiencing any fear or worry about your pregnancy or future pregnancies? Feel free to email me at or comment below. I want to chat with you! 🙂


How to Organize DVDs the Right Way

Hello! I am so excited to share the way I organize DVDs in our house. Before I start I want to share a word with you. Komono. Komono are small accessories or knickknacks. Marie Kondo, in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, shares a lot about how to get rid of komono type items in your house. She doesn’t touch on DVD/CD storage so I was desperately trying to find a way to store them. I am so excited to share this idea with you. I even had a friend who is a HUGE DVD collector take this advice and he loves it!

When we got married, I definitely had the larger DVD collection. Nathan had a few favorites but I had the entire season of Smallville, Lois and Clark, Saved by the Bell, tons of movies, and other shows. I’m a huge fan of film/TV if you can’t tell. 😉

When we moved into our townhouse, we decided to place all of our movies into a beautiful cedar chest that my parents gave us. Over the first year or two, we rarely opened it to look for movies. We stuck with Netflix and Redbox.


Finally I realized, we are never going to sell these movies and we never reach into the cedar chest. I personally don’t see the point in selling movies because you definitely don’t earn much for them. Instead, we threw away all of the cases and box sets, and kept the DVD’s out.

Sadly I did this project before I started blogging and don’t have pictures but it was quite a sight! We had 3 huge garbage bags of cases and boxes. So what did we do with all of those DVD’s?

It could not be easier, we placed them in a 208 DVD carrying case (we still have a couple pages of empty slots). You can find them at many stores and they range from $15-$30.

smallville dvds
My Smallville collection

To organize the DVDs we kept the television series together, movies by category, and Christmas movies in the back. I badly wanted to alphabetize but realized as we get more movies that would be a disaster when putting them in the case. So, I moved on and was very satisfied with how we organized them.

christmas dads
Christmas Movies

Now we have a slim way of organizing our DVDs and our cedar chest is open for quilts and blankets (which we needed a place for). You can fit this carrying case on a shelf or like us, we keep it in the TV stand cabinet.


Finally our quilts are in a safe place (made by our grandma and great-grandma)

Thank you for reading and hope you try this simple tip at home! Let me know if you need any help!


6 Habits To Do When You Walk In Your House

Hey! Today I am going to share 6 habits you can do to keep your house organized and stress-free. These habits will be completed right when you walk through your front door and will not take but at max, 10 minutes to achieve.

Let me ask you a couple of questions before we get started. Does your kitchen table currently have mail, receipts, trash, books, magazines, etc. stacked up on it? Do your floors look dirty/muddy often? Does your purse have tons of receipts, coins, wrappers, etc. building up? If you were saying yes to some of these (or all), the following 6 habits will help you solve those disasters!

Time for those 6 habits!

  1. Remove your shoes in your entry way before you walk into your house. We have a no-shoe policy in our house and it all started when we purchased new carpet. It was an easy transition and have found that our floors stay clean for a long time. Your shoes also carry a lot of bacteria and toxins. Do you have pets or children? Do you ever sit on the floor or do exercises? If you said yes to either of these, you definitely don’t want the bacteria and toxins in your home. Try a cubby shelf by your front door to keep shoes on. We only keep 1-2 pairs of shoes/slippers in the cubbies unless we have people coming over, then I prefer keeping all the cubbies free.          DSC_0019
  2. Have an incoming mail basket that you go through as soon as possible. Don’t place mail on your kitchen or coffee table. Before you drop the entire pile in the basket, I prefer to place mail that I know is junk and put it in a separate basket I use for shredding or trash.
  3. Empty your purse’s (and pocket’s) belongings in a basket next to the front door. We use two of our cubbies for personal belongings. Nathan empties his pockets in his basket and I empty my purse in my basket. This is not a basket for loose coin and receipts. Only keep wallets, pens, mirrors, lipgloss, etc. This will ensure that you have a neat purse everyday. It also allows you to change purses easily and take care of them. My thoughtful husband surprised me with this Kate Spade purse for my birthday and I absolutely love it.             DSC_0021Emptying it everyday has allowed me to take care of it and keep it clean. It is very easy the next morning to fill your purse for the day with only things you will need.                                                                                                                           DSC_0023 DSC_0020
  4. Have a basket/jar/bowl to store sunglasses. If you are like us, you might have too many sunglasses. If you constantly lose them, I recommend having one storage solution to keep them in. We have a giant jar that we keep on top of our cubby shelf to put sunglasses in.
  5. Hang up coats immediately when walking in the house. It is so tempting to just drape your coat on a chair or table but if you take the 20 seconds to hang it up, it will help keep your house nice and tidy!
  6. Have a place for receipts and loose change. I use an app called ReceiptPal that allows me to take a snapshot of every receipt. We don’t prefer saving all receipts but this app actually gives you points for each receipt and you can earn gift cards! I highly recommend using some kind of app to keep pictures of receipts so you don’t have many laying around. For loose change, we keep a jar in our living room that we fill up whenever we get change. When the jar fills up, it is usually a nice treat to use for vacations or a nice date.

Do you have any habits of your own that you do right when you walk into your house? Taking 5-10 minutes to stay organized right when you get home allows your house to stay neat and clean.

Thank you for reading and I hope these 6 habits will help you when coming home!

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My Miscarriage Part 2

 If you missed Part 1 of my miscarriage story, you can find it here: My Miscarriage Part 1. Before I share Part 2, here is a great reminder for today:

I know the plans I have for you says the LORD

After the appointment at my midwife, confirming we did have a miscarriage, we thought the physical pain would start to go away and we could just work on the emotional and mental pain.  A week went by and I was still having mild cramping and light bleeding. Nathan couldn’t stay away from work the whole time, and I was feeling a little better, so he went back to work. Not wanting to be alone, I went to stay at my parents during the day. About a week after my first ER visit, I remember my dad picking me up this one morning because my cramping started to get worse and worse.

I laid down at my parents house and I couldn’t fight these cramps. I remember walking around helped the pain but about every couple minutes it would be terrible cramping. I assumed these were contraction type pains. I didn’t think I could make it all the way to my midwife so I decided to have my dad drive me to the local hospital. I was bent over in pain and begged to be sent right back to a room.

Thankfully, there was no wait. They wheeled me back and I could tell this was already a much better visit than the first one. Nathan arrived at the hospital and I knew he was worried. That second ER visit was the worst pain I have ever felt. They told me it was labor pains. A couple rounds of morphine didn’t even solve the pain, it mainly just calmed me down. After more tests and ultrasounds, they didn’t find anything different and said it was probably just the miscarriage.

Nathan and I were lost and confused. I got sent home a couple hours later and was told to just lay down and let it pass. I didn’t know what that meant but I was worried it would never end.

Later that night something passed that I knew had to be the fetus. Physically, I felt immediately better and had a huge sigh of relief. It was finally time to just focus on our relationship and emotional pain.

In the second hospital bed, I kept praying that the pain I had would just go away. I knew I worried Nathan and my parents. I kept saying how unfair it was to be going through such horrible pain and not able to take a baby home. I had a lot of support from Nathan and my parents that day.

As you can tell from my story, I didn’t have a D&C procedure. I am thankful for that because it gave my body a chance to heal on its own. It was a longer miscarriage and painful but I had the strength to overcome it because of Jesus and my family.

If you have had a miscarriage or currently enduring one, please share your story with me and we can chat. Just email me at You are not alone. Jesus is holding you and going to get you through this. Remember he has a plan for you and it is not one to harm you.

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I Like Where You’re Going

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to our friends Aaron and Izzy Becerra and share how they are demonstrating love for others. They came to visit last night from California. We don’t see them often but whenever we get to see each other, we pick up right where we left off before. They have such giving hearts and I am so inspired by the love they are sharing in China next month.

How we met Aaron and Izzy

My husband met Aaron at his job a few years ago. Aaron was engaged to Izzy at the time and we got to know them. We had late game nights, dinners, and an amusement park visit. We loved our friendship and missed them very much when they moved to California after their wedding. Whenever they come to Kentucky for visits we still get together and have those fun game nights, but now with their beautiful daughter, Rosy.



How Aaron and Izzy met

In 2011 Aaron and Izzy were on a mission trip in China and became great friends.  When they were back in the United States they fell in love. He was from California and she was from Kentucky. Aaron moved to Kentucky until they got married, they started a home in LA as Mr. and Mrs. Becerra. Later on they had sweet Rosy.


Deciding to go Back to China

After having Rosy, they finally had the time to go back and visit their friends they made on their mission trip.  While they are there they felt led to teach English at Childfirst Kindergarten in Chongqing, China.

Love as an Action

This week I have been reading the book Love Does, by Bob Goff. First of all, I highly recommend this book for everyone. I feel like this is incredible timing that I’ve been reading this book and their visit being last night. In Love Does, Bob shares hilarious and meaningful stories of his life that depict what love is. Love takes action. Love does not stop at feelings and thoughts. They are giving up the comfort of being in their home and near family to travel across the world to show love to others.

Jesus has been opening my eyes this week to find ways to demonstrate love.  I want people to see Jesus in me. I fail at this everyday. I see Jesus in Aaron and Izzy.

I am attaching a link to their Go Fund Me page where you can read more about their story.  If you feel God leading you to donate money to them, I know they would truly appreciate it and be blessed by it.

The Becerra’s gofundme Page

I Like Where You’re Going

As you go on this week think about where you are going. In the words of Bob Goff, figure out what fuels your joy, then do a lot of it.  God uses ordinary people to share his love. If you start loving people more, I think others will see Jesus pouring out of you. Have a blessed week and be praying for the Becerras as they travel to China next month. I like where they’re going and how they are sharing love.

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5 Essential Steps to Organizing Clothes

Good Friday Morning! Today I am giving you the 5 essential steps to organizing your clothes. Clothing is a great place to start if you are looking to heal your home from untidiness. Clothes can be easy to part with and great to donate. Set aside 1-3 hours for this project, depending on your tempo and how much you have. As you will see, Nathan and I have too many clothes! I hope these steps inspire you to organize your clothes and keep only what you love.

A few of my ideas come from Marie Kondo’s, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in tidying your house and keeping it that way! Her procedure for organizing is called the KonMari Method, which fascinates me! Enjoy the book if you read it. You can buy it here: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The 5 Essential Steps to Organizing Clothes:

  1. Complete unfinished laundry and have all of your clothes clean and ready to sort.
  2. Gather every piece of clothing in your house in one spot. This includes winter coats, pajamas, hoodies, leggings, tops, shorts, dresses, etc. Don’t forget anything! Even grab those clean clothes that just came out of the dryer! I do recommend saving shoes, purses, and accessories for a separate project. We had done this recently and I realized I didn’t have pictures for this post. So with my supportive husband, this was our Thursday night (which I actually enjoyed, hehe).    Pile of clothesPile of clothespile of clothespile of clothes
  3. Now to start the purging of your clothes: Start with one category at a time and hold each item individually. This may seem silly but it honestly works. As you hold each item ask yourself, does this bring me happiness or joy? If it does not bring you joy, go ahead and put it in a separate donate pile. Please don’t skip holding each item. If you are at all unsure if an item fits, try it on! Only keep clothes that currently fit you.
  4. If you decide the item brings you happiness and joy, place it in your closet or dresser. When deciding if something should be on a hanger or folded, I go by these guidelines:
    • Folding: knit tops, tank tops, leggings, sweaters, pajamas, socks, undergarments
    • Hanger: Dresses, skirts, cardigans, suits, hoodies (because they are so bulky), jackets, and  any other type of dress clothing).
  5. Once you are finished, gather your donate pile in boxes or bags and donate as soon as possible. You don’t want the temptation of taking items back.


  • Use velvet hangers. I truly believe these conserve closet space.
  • For the best folding technique, watch this folding video on Youtube. Feel free to check out other videos, the music will probably get you folding as soon as possible! Folding Video … I love the KonMari Method!
    • Here are my nicely, folded summer t’s and tanks (used to be in three drawers, now in ONE): folded tops
  • Don’t go into this stressed and overwhelmed. Maybe have a nice cup of tea before you begin and go into it with a great attitude!
  • Put music on that inspires and relaxes you. For me, that’s either The Shins or Gavin Degraw.
  • Only keep clothing that brings you joy and happiness! If you hold it and it doesn’t spark any joy within your heart, donate it. Find a non-profit place to donate them to.
  • Don’t keep clothes that you think will fit you later on. Only keep ones that truly fit at that moment.

Are you inspired? Start organizing your clothing! It will be worth the hard work and you will love the outcome!

Here is our finished closet:

 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013

It’s not the biggest closet for two people, but we make it work and donate clothes often. 🙂

Let me know if you try these steps and I would love to see before/after pictures! Remember to sign up for email updates and check out my social media sites, I’d love for you to follow me!


My Miscarriage Part 1

Red Jacket

Red Jacket

Good Morning!! It’s been cold here in central KY!  I have been able to finally enjoy my winter coats and scarves. 🙂

Today I will be sharing the story of my miscarriage. I decided to write it in 2 parts because it was long and difficult week. I hope you all have had a great week so far! I want to say thank you for reading and following me on social media! Please subscribe to emails so you never have to miss a post. 🙂

My miscarriage started on May 27th. I had known I was pregnant for two weeks, at that time I was 7 weeks along.  I was hanging out with my parents that day and remember feeling cramps and I starting to have this light spotting. Feeling a little uneasy, I decided to go home to Nathan who was bringing dinner home. On that ride home I remember questioning the spotting, was that normal? As soon as I walked in the door I ran to the bathroom and noticed it was a little more than spotting. I called my mom and I remember hearing her comforting voice, yet I could tell she was concerned (she’s had a miscarriage).

I laid on the floor in tears as Nathan walked in the house. He sat our dinner down by the front door and we left for the ER. Neither of us knew what was happening or what to feel. We barely had to time to celebrate being pregnant. As we walked into the waiting room, we found the only two chairs left. We were told the wait was 4-5 hours. In the meantime I experienced the worst pains of my life and had a lot of bleeding.

My parents and Aunt Marlene came to the ER for support and I remember my mom telling me what was probably happening. My mom with a broken arm, was comforting me and getting me water. My dad drove to the nearest drug store for pain medicine and feminine products. What was wrong with this hospital? It was 4 or 5 hours later and we finally heard my name called.

More waiting, then tests, more waiting, then exams, more waiting. We finally got to have our first ultrasound. As they were rubbing my belly, I remember the doctor’s asking each other if they would be able to hear a heart beat at this point. Nathan and I looked at each other with concerned looks. Where were we? Anyways, after more rubbing, they claimed I was still pregnant.

With total confusion, we were sent home shortly after that ultrasound. I left the hospital in the worst pain I have ever had. I remember screaming in the car on the way home, kicking the front of the dashboard, making myself sick. How could I still be pregnant and in this much pain? At this point of the night we could not even get a prescription filled.

The next day I was scheduled to see my midwife. This was a different type of waiting room. It was full of happiness and pregnant women. And then there was me and Nathan. After blood work and more ultrasounds, it was a confirmed miscarriage.

From the start of the miscarriage, I knew what was happening but I was holding on to a little hope. It honestly didn’t even feel completely over after the confirmation. Technically I did have a miscarriage, but it wasn’t over.

Even through all of this I knew God was still by my side. Yes, I was frightened, worried, sad, etc. but I knew I wasn’t alone. We are never alone. If you are going through something like this, pray right now for comfort and healing. Jesus is by your side and will never let you go. Feel free to email me and I will listen to your story. I will also put you on my prayer list.

Just email me at


This weekend I will post My Miscarriage Part 2. Thank you for letting me share the first part and for all of your support.


Benefits of a Tidy Home

Good Morning! I am looking forward to today’s post on having a tidy home. Organization is a huge priority and hobby of mine, it just had to be a part of my blog! In future posts you will read about creative ways to stay organized, even if staying tidy is not easy for you.  Today I want to mention benefits of a tidy home and how it can make your life smoother.

I have been tidy since I can remember. When I get start organizing something, I can’t stop. I remember one time taking out all of our clothes in our closet and putting them on the bed (that was a nice surprise for Nathan to come home to). Thankfully, I have a neat husband and he appreciates what I do in our home.

Organizing can truly be healing in your home. If you don’t enjoy organizing, you are in luck! I honestly believe if you organize properly, there won’t be much organizing in your future (unless you enjoy it, like me!).

Here are a few reasons to keep your house tidy:

  • If you have a small house or are limited on storage, being organized can solve many problems. We live in a 1100 square feet townhouse and it has been a challenge from the beginning when it comes to storage and accumulating stuff (don’t we all have too much stuff?). We have solved many issues with using wasted space like this:

Ladder shelf and storage

Do you have an above place like this (usually used for greenery and dusty decor)? We decided to use it as a storage area for paper work and piano music!

Ladder shelf

You can climb up these stairs (even with decor) and get to the storage area. My creative, mom designed it and my handy, father-in-law built it. I sure wish I would have taken step-by-step pictures! I promise it is safe, although I do realize it looks scary. Oh, and I painted it! =)

  • Your house will be easy to clean. It is so much easier to clean an area that doesn’t have piles and piles of things stacked up or in the way.
  • Your house will be more relaxing and less stressful. When you go to a relaxing hotel, do you see piles and piles of things? Not usually, but your house can be like that too! Your house should be a place you can come into and relax, not want to avoid.
  • It is much easier to find things. Of course it is easier to find things when you aren’t searching through those piles and under things. Wouldn’t you enjoy having a specific place for everything?
  • Your house is always ready for surprise visitors. I don’t know about you, but if I hear someone is coming over, I turn into the Energizer Bunny! I’m straightening up pillows, taking trash out, wiping down bathrooms, etc. Thankfully because we strive to have a tidy home, I don’t have to hide papers and stuff!

Do you want to share any benefits of a tidy home? Please feel free to comment! If you love organizing or even if you cringe at the thought of it, please come back for more organizational posts.

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