A Life-Changing 3 Months

Hello on this chilly Monday (in KY at least)!

It has been a while but blogging has taken the back burner as I have been settling in as a new mom.  Motherhood is a full-time job… oh and then there is that breastfeeding thing ’round the clock… hehe.  I am back though!  Today is a quick post, just to say hello and to introduce our Lucas Todd.

It has been 3 months since our precious Lucas entered our lives. He was born 8/13/17 at 5:26 am, weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 18 inches long. These 3 months have been a whirlwind.  Becoming a mom is the biggest blessing I have ever received. Lucas is beautiful, funny, and sweet. We are savoring every moment because time is already flying… even those sleepless hours.

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Nursery Reveal

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all have been doing well!  I know I have been absent and I apologize! Between baby showers, work, being pregnant, nesting, etc… I have been busy!  I am planning on picking my blog up after I get settled into being a mom.  My guess date is about 5 weeks away, so please keep me in your prayers!  As a little “good-bye” before I return, I thought I would reveal our nursery!  This is officially our favorite room in our home.  😉

Before you look ahead, thank you to everyone who has blessed us with items for Lucas.  My parents and in-laws have made this nursery possible! Nathan and I love you all and so happy Lucas has you all as grandparents.  Thank you!!!

Okay for the reveal…





We found the Lucas decal on Amazon.  We LOVE the mobile my parents surprised us with from Etsy.

JUST ADORABLE!! All the way from Australia!!  

My mom made the UK quilt for Lucas and it could not look better in our nursery!  It was such a sweet surprise and I will cherish wrapping up Lucas as long as he’ll allow me. 🙂

This sweet quilt was made by Nathan’s sweet relative.  It has a special place in our heart. It will also be a joy to wrap him up in this one. 🙂

Love all these good finds!

Our dresser, changing table, that awesome mirror, and even the Zany Zoo are all second-hand finds!

Secret storage that can’t be seen when you open the door to the room!
More storage!


A fun, mini set of corn hole for Lucas to learn (attached by velcro)
The best chair ever (from our generous in-laws) in our cozy reading corner
Lucas has a comfy chair too for when he gets bigger 🙂
A sweet, personalized coin bank from my aunt and uncle. 🙂


I hope you all love the reveal! We are beyond thrilled with it and so looking forward to bringing home Lucas.  Comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions!





Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser

Happy Monday!

Who can believe that it is May 22? 2017 has flown by and what a year of blessings it has been.  I am now 27 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. For someone that went through a miscarriage in their first pregnancy, every week is such a reward. Being in my third trimester has brought on new things to worry about (preterm labor, contractions, etc.) but I am keeping God at the center of my pregnancy and remembering that Lucas is here for a reason. I find comfort in that and my worries disappear.

Here are Tips for an Organized Nursery Dresser:

We received this gorgeous dresser from my in-laws that I found on Everything but the House. If you haven’t checked out that website, go check it out!!  Basically it is an auction site with nearby estate sales. We have found some amazing treasures from EBTH in the past couple of years.

My favorite nursery accessory so far is this super fun lamp we received from my parents.  They found it at Ross discount store. My sister made the University of Kentucky fight song print a few years ago that fits perfectly in the nursery. 😉

So what is our theme exactly? We decided to go with an elegant/University of Kentucky/royal-navy-light blue theme. Over the next few weeks we will keep showing a few sneak peeks until we are complete.

No matter what type of dresser/chest/set of drawers that you have in your nursery, you can have organized storage for baby clothes.  I originally wanted to hang up most of Lucas’s clothes but I found it easier to fold those tiny clothes vertically to condense them together. My dresser has 5 drawers.  The top drawer is for sleepers/pajamas. The 2nd and 3rd drawer is for onesies/tops.  The 4th drawer is for pants and the 5th drawer is for outfits and shorts.  I figured I wouldn’t need many shorts in the first few months because fall/winter will be right around the corner. That is why I dedicated a full drawer to pants.

Look at those tiny pants!

In each drawer I folded the clothes vertically and made each column a different size. Folding vertically allows you to fit so many items in one drawer and you can see a sample of each item.  It may look like I have a ton of clothes so far… and well… I do.  My mom and I have been having so much fun finding deals at yard sales and thrift shops.  Where else can you get 13 outfits for $4?? They are all like-new!! Finding deals like that can sure spoil a person but I love searching for treasures.


I am thinking about putting labels inside the dresser to show the sizes… but I’m almost out of label tape… so that will come soon! My hubby will also have an easier time knowing where to put away clothes.

I hope you like our first sneak peek of the nursery! I know I didn’t show much, but there are a couple more things to complete.

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One more picture… isn’t this the cutest outfit? My mom found it at our local thrift shop!

Oh and here’s a bumpdate… hehe

Have a great week!


8 Reasons I Love Babylist

Happy Monday!

First off, here’s a quick bumpdate for all my readers: 

Every week is a HUGE milestone and blessing. It has almost been two years since our miscarriage and I never thought being 25 weeks pregnant would be possible. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that God really wants this baby here and I am going to have him! Nathan reminded me of that early on.  I don’t remember how he phrased it but it was something on the lines of “you don’t need to worry, God wants you to have this baby”.  That gave me so much comfort and I’ve recited that in my head ever since I heard it.  Mother’s day can be a very difficult time for some women, here is a post I did around this time last year, A Mother’s Day After a Miscarriage.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Babylist registry.  I kept seeing ads for this neat website on Pinterest and various baby ads.  I decided to take this free quiz they offer that gives you a personalized registry.  The results were very close to what I would register for but of course we didn’t need everything it showed.  But the website intrigued me, so I kept looking into Babylist.

Simply put, Babylist is similar to Pinterest (but in registry form).  It comes with a “button” download and when you are on a site and see something for your baby, you push the “Add to Babylist” button.  This allows you to add items from websites like Etsy or Target.  It also allows you to shop around and find exactly what you want, not just items from 1 or 2 stores.  Sometimes it shows other stores the item is available at for price comparison.

I am at step 1 in the registry process.  I’ve almost completed my registry but no one has visited it yet because our showers are later on.  I have loved it so far and once I get feedback from family/friends, I will update a review on their opinions.

For now, here are my 8 favorite things about Babylist (so far it’s all positive):

  1. The website is very organized and easy to use.  I love being able to edit and customize categories. I even made a category for “maternity leave”.  You are able to add items such as home-cooked meals, babysitting, gift cards for food places, cleaning services, etc.
  2. I love being able to register for items from Etsy.  From monogrammed items to handmade items, the ability to support crafters is fantastic.
  3. Babylist is very personalized.  You can leave notes on each item to explain why you want it or what it will be used for. You can leave a message at the top of your registry for your family/friends.
  4. When pushing the “Add to Babylist” button, it gives you a customized pop-up that allows you to put the item in the appropriate category (or make a completely new category), change the quantity, leave a message about the item, and change the title.
  5. The registry is done in the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to visit stores and find the best registry.  This allows you to shop everywhere and simply search from your computer. You also don’t feel the pressure from a salesperson.  However, if you do have questions or concerns, Babylist has a very helpful staff.
  6. They will send you 100 free shower inserts!
  7. They also give you a fun countdown for baby’s due date!
  8. The mobile app is very nice!  You can search stores right from the app and download items that way if you are on the go and think of an item to add. I have never had any trouble with the app and love the suggestions they show.

Do you want to check out my registry so far? I’m still working on a few things but you can look at what I have now: babylist.com/marylee.

Have a blessed week!


Our Gender Reveal Party

Boy or Girl?

Today I wanted to share a couple pictures of our Gender Reveal Party. With the help of Pinterest and a little creativity, I came up with some cute games that I think everyone enjoyed. =) We knew the gender at our party, so it was a reveal for our family and friends. I LOVE planning parties, so I had to know the gender. Around 6-8 weeks, I honestly felt like I was having a boy. So when we were told “It’s a boy”, I wasn’t surprised at all.  I couldn’t be happier!

On the table above I had a place for every guest to wear either a blue or pink clothes pin that matched their guess.  I had a sweet photo mat that everyone could leave baby a message.  Lastly I had a calendar of August (our Due date is August 19) for people to write their guess at when baby will come (including the exact time for a tie breaker).  For that game, a winner will be given a prize after the birth.

On the dresser above I had two games that guests could participate in.  The first game, “Don’t say baby”, guests wore a necklace and anytime they heard someone say “baby”, they could steal their necklace.  The goal was simply to collect as many necklaces as possible.

This game allowed guests to vote on girl or boy.  We drew from the correct jar after our big reveal.  =)

The last game we had (which I forgot to take pictures of) was to reveal the name of our baby.  We had 5 mason jars with names written on them that we were debating on.  We drew from the jar that was the name we chose.

Here are a few pictures of our big reveal and some decorations:

Please share and feel free to pin pictures to your Pinterest page!  Thank you for checking out our Gender Reveal Party!


My Favorite Organized Nursery Tips

Happy Monday!

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite tips for an organized nursery.  It is important for us to have an organized nursery because of the smaller size of the room, keeping it tidy, being able to keep it clean, and having everything accessible when we need it.

I don’t want to share pictures of our nursery progress because we haven’t announced the gender yet and there are a few things that might give it away. 😉

In 3 weeks we will be sharing the gender and then I can finally show pictures of tips I have for nursery organization.  For now, here are a few I have found on Pinterest that I LOVE!

Here are my top 5 favorite nursery tips:

  1. Isn’t this the perfect size storage for baby shoes?? Nathan and I both love shoes, so you know our baby will have plenty of shoes. 😉
  2. Under the crib storage? This is genius and so easy. I am hoping to find a short enough storage bin that will slide under our crib. Our crib sits pretty low so I’ll be on the hunt for one! What a great place for extra diapers, wipes, future clothes, etc.
  3. I love this closet because of the bins for future clothing.  I will definitely be doing this and using my label maker!! This way you only hang up what the baby will be in for a few months.  Nice and tidy. =)
  4. I think this is the cutest way to store books.  It is a little rustic for our nursery but I think it is absolutely adorable.  I had to share the idea.
  5. I love this closet because of the storage cubes, the storage bins on the top shelf, space for toys, etc.  Isn’t it just cute?


I can’t wait to share progress pictures of our nursery!!  In just a few weeks I’ll update you a little more on our nursery.

For now, here’s a bumpdate for you. It’s exciting to have a little bump now! Pregnancy has been going very smoothly for me. I did slip down my stairs a few weeks ago and damaged my tailbone pretty bad but thanks to an awesome chiropractor, I do see progress! It’ll need some healing time but better to happen now instead of later in pregnancy.

Have a super week ahead! Thank you for reading! =)


Big News!

Happy Monday!

Where have I been?? It’s been a busy past few months and I’m sad to say I haven’t had time to keep up with the blog. I finally have a schedule where I have the time. I’ve gone through two job changes and I am very happy now.  I have more time to blog and share what is going on in our life.

Now for the big news… it’s not a job change. 😉

We are expecting a baby in August! 

Nathan and I couldn’t be more thrilled… and nervous of course.   Nathan has been so supportive and understanding of my nerves.  Pregnancy after a miscarriage brings on many fears.  I’m constantly questioning anything I eat or drink, I was frightened to go to the bathroom for several weeks, not wanting to lift a thing over 10 pounds, etc.

I’ve been doing a Bible study that has given me comfort and taken away these fears.  I have learned that worry and pain aren’t natural to pregnancy. Jesus wants us to enjoy pregnancy and not believe the lies from the devil.

If you have worries from pregnancy or anything else, look into God’s word and find the comfort you need.  It is good to research and learn about what is going on in your body but balance those worldly words with the Word of God.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

“The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him. To all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:17-18

Here’s a little progress from my belly:

I love these pictures because I so wanted a little change each week but I think I’m finally seeing a little bit. =)

I’m glad I could share the news! Be on the look out for some posts in the near future! Have a wonderful week!


My Favorite Way To Organize Jewelry

Happy Monday!

Boy am I excited to be back posting. I LOVE to organize and this blog gives me an extra excuse to get something tidy (Nathan would say I don’t need another excuse)!

Today I want to share with you my favorite way to organize jewelry. Yes, not everyone has room for another piece of furniture, the funds to buy one, or the desire but if you can make some space and spare some cash, I highly recommend a jewelry armoire. For years I wanted one. I would find some at thrift shops but the velvet colors would usually turn me away. Then one day, my mom found the PERFECT one!  When I graduated from The University of Kentucky (GO CATS), it was a surprise present from my thoughtful parents.

My jewelry armoire

With an armoire, you are able to easily organize your jewelry. It gives you the appropriate places for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It is also very hard for it to get cluttered. This piece had a nice dark velvet lining, 6 drawers of all different sizes, and many compartments.  There are many many armoires out there. I recommend looking on Overstock.com. They have pages and pages of them and you can’t beat their shipping.

My Kate Spade obsession continues in my jewelry armoire 😉
A great way to lay down long earrings
A lovely note that my parents gave me with special pearls
A lovely note that my parents gave me with special pearls

For my tiny necklaces and special Pandora bracelets, I have a nice way to keep those from tangling.


Do you have a jewelry armoire or another way to organize jewelry? Check out an old post I did on a Jewelry Drawer for my mom!

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I am Back!

I am Back! 

This summer has flown by and time has slipped past me. We have been busy, busy, bees. My dad retired, we went on vacation, we put our house up for sale and then took it back off the market (you live and learn, haha), and I’m getting ready to start a new job! =)  We are beyond blessed and have enjoyed the summer but my favorite time of year is coming up, FALL! My blog has been on the back burner but I’m bringing it back to the front. Please stay tuned for more posts! Here are some pictures of our summer. You will see that Nathan and I were the DJ’s at my dad’s retirement party.  Hire us for your next celebration! Check out our website, Mister and Mrs. DJ

At a cold street fair in May with my dad and Nathan!
At a cold street fair in May with my dad and Nathan!
Our sweet pups posing. Violet and Venti
Our sweet pups posing. Violet and Venti
Our DJ set-up at my dad's retirement party
Our DJ set-up at my dad’s retirement party
Loved our fatheads we got for my dad's party
Loved our fatheads we got for my dad’s party
My dad enjoying the celebration
My dad enjoying the celebration
Nathan having fun with the fathead
Nathan having fun with the fathead
Mister and Mrs. DJ
Mister and Mrs. DJ
Nathan enjoying Gatlinburg, TN
Nathan enjoying Gatlinburg, TN
Love my new favorite coffee spot!
Love my new favorite coffee spot!
Celebrating father's day at our favorite burger place
Celebrating father’s day at our favorite burger place
Nathan tastin' moonshine
Nathan tastin’ moonshine
Loved Margaritaville
Loved Margaritaville
Oh, I'm on Snapchat now ;)
Oh, I’m on Snapchat now 😉
Venti's first baseball game
Venti’s first baseball game
Celebrating my mom's birthday =)
Celebrating my mom’s birthday =)


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Stay tuned for more posts soon!!


Closets Organized

Who is ready for AFTER pictures of two unorganized closets?

Here is a reminder of BEFORE the double closets that I was working on for my parents:

DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0049


Here is the AFTER:

DSC_0001 DSC_0004DSC_0003

We chose to use the first closet for gifts, memorable items, specific holiday gifts, etc. What a blessing it is to have a closet all for gifts! We used milk crates to hold these items and we labeled them with my DYMO label maker.


The second closet we used tubs that are used to hold items for storage, like large craft items that aren’t used much and my mom’s Hooded Baby Towels. They stack very well and we tried to keep them lightweight so they were easy to move around.

Remember when you organize, you don’t have to use expensive and fancy items. The most important thing is to ORGANIZE! Get started and make your life easier.

Hope you have a wonderful week!